Communicating your Brand

Br@nded Notification and Customized Tracking Page

Communicating your brand

The Br@nded Notification service allows you to communicate your identity at each change of status of the shipment, by sending to your customers emails with customized layout according to your brand image. The status information is automatically detected by our IT infrastructure, which then forwards the notifications.

Thanks to this innovative service, you can keep your customers updated throughout the shipping and delivery process, maintaining the customer experience of your clients in line with your brand.

The constant monitoring of shipments allows our Customer Service to anticipate the requests of the recipient and to proactively solve any problems, before the final customer notices them. 

Your final customer can also access the tracking page, customized according to your brand image and fully managed by us, where he can independently view the status of the shipment.

In this way we standardize the customer experience of your customer, who will always communicate only with your brand.

Added values:

  • We maintain your brand image and your client’s customer experience.
  • We send emails in the language of the country of destination of the final customer
  • We send constant communication of status changes