About us

About us

Quality international shipments

Since 2002 we have handled international shipments and B2B and B2C deliveries across the whole of Europe.

We have developed a unique and innovative business model. We are therefore able to manage package distribution with a high standard of quality

Our task, even more important than guaranteeing delivery, is to ensure that the customer has the most suitable type of shipment. The criteria that we take into consideration are: the item being sold, the country of destination, and the characteristics of the recipient. The fundamental elements of what we do are: monitoring shipments via our IT infrastructure, anticipating problems with the help of our Proactive Customer Service , and carefully selecting the partners who handle the shipment, delivery and any returns.

San Marino Mail Italia‘s history began with managing Direct Marketing Mail. With the arrival of eCommerce, we expanded our offer with international shipping and home delivery of packages, complementing this with a full track&trace service involving all steps in the process.

San Marino Mail Italia customers include companies that export by mail order, by eCommerce or by supplying foreign retail networks. They are companies based in the main areas that produce “Made in Italy” goods: wine, food, footwear, accessories, fashion and cosmetics.

San Marino Mail Italia therefore brings the very best of Italy to the rest of the world.

What can we do for your international shipments?

San Marino Mail Italia manages more than twenty local partners handling B2C and B2B deliveries in Europem, creating one of the most extensive distribution networks and taking on the role of sole representative.

The advantages our business model offers include:

  • Broad flexibility in its multicarrier delivery method
  • High standards of quality
  • A proactive customer service that anticipates, manages and resolves any criticality
  • No storage costs
  • Cost optimisation
  • Managing returns is easy and secure

What do we like doing for you?

That’s our mission: to make your customers happy.