4.0 Logistics

4.0 Logistics

You choose the route, we manage it

We have developed a high-tech IT solution that allows us to remotely print the barcodes and manage tracking data for each individual distributor based on our customers’ requirements.

Remote barcode printing is handled by our systems via web service technologies.

Tracking data, periodic statistics and KPI analysis are the key elements in managing the suppliers chosen by the customer. All managed by a single referent, for the optimization and coordination of shipments, in order to ensure maximum flexibility and efficiency in the control of the distributor.

Behind our barcode printing is an algorithm we have developed that when activated can choose the most suitable distributor for the goods to be sent.

The management of the entire data flow from the various distributors is the heart and soul of our work. Analysing and synthesising this information allows us to increase and maintain very high delivery standards.

The transparent analysis of these standards allows us to share our quality goals with our customer in order to meet every single need as best we can.