28 April 2021

Handbike 2021

Handbike 2021

From this year we are pleased to join the sponsors of the Giro Hand Bike, an initiative that is very close to our heart for the values and determination that are transmitted. It is a race dedicated to disabled or able-bodied people who, despite their difficulties, want to get involved and regain the ability to play a sport as much as others. We are proud to represent the red jersey for the Fast Team ranking.

„We can’t wait to start again and see you pawing at the race – anticipates the rider Andrea Leoni patron of Giro Handbike -; we, the big family of Giro Handbike, as always, will put all our commitment and professionalism to give you the best sport experience ever!”

Below is a summary of the calendar with the 5 official appointments:

  • Round 1: June 6 – Reggio Emilia
  • Round 2: June 21 – Pioltello
  • Round 3: July 18 – Roccaraso
  • Round 5: September 26 – Assisi

Round 1: June 6 – Reggio Emilia

Sunday, June 6 in Reggio Emilia was held the first exciting race of the Tour of Italy HandBike. Many people were ready to support the athletes in an atmosphere of joy and carefree. Even we of San Marino Mail Italy have attended the wonderful event to reward the fastest team with our red shirt.

The athletes, accompanied by the tricolor arrows and the Italian anthem, then started the race through the streets of Reggio Emilia and darting continuously with their HandBike giving us unique emotions! There were four jerseys to conquer, but let’s see who managed to reach the podium:

Active Team la Leonessa won our red jersey as fast team. The Pink Jersey Teleflex on the shoulders of Conti Andrea (MH1); Rizzato Omar (MH2); Botti Andrea (MH4); Monti Tiziano (MH5); Glisoni Alberto (MHO); Scattolini Enrico (MT1); De Gregorio Teresa Angela (WH2); Scrivo Erika (WH3); Ruffato Giulia (WH4); Giambellini Paola (WH5); Negretti Isabella (WH0).

The best young athlete, Testa Mirko (MH3), wins the pink Teleflex jersey and the white 3G Officine Meccaniche jersey. To Frisighelli Rinaldo (MH3) the black PMP jersey.

Round 2: June 21 – Pioltello

Sunday 20 June saw the second stage of the Giro d’Italia Handbike. This time, the event was held in Pioltello, in the province of Milan, where numerous people flocked to applaud the handbikers. This event was particularly exciting, as it was also a moment organized to celebrate the resumption of events and the beginning of normality in the city of Pioltello.

„As Councillor for Sport, I am happy that it was a sporting event to mark the restart: the emotion was great and you could feel it in the air – says Jessica D’Adamo, the Councillor for Culture, Sport and Leisure – and also the joy of being able to see each other again after a long time. I had never witnessed up close a sporting event of such a high level and the strength, physical and especially moral, the courage of these athletes has touched me deeply and has infected us all.

The Teleflex pink jersey was won by Cavallini Riccardo; Rizzato Omar; Testa Mirko; Botti Andrea; Monti Tiziano; Glisoni Alberto; Beliaeva Natalia; Amadeo Roberta; Scrivo Erika; Ruffato Giulia; Aere Katia; Negretti Isabella. The 3G Officine Meccaniche white jersey on the shoulders of the youngest and fastest athlete Villa Andrea. Our Red jersey was entrusted to the fast team Active Team La Leonessa.

Round 3: July 18 – Roccaraso

Despite the bad weather, the athletes of the Giro Handbike packed up their bikes and rushed to Roccaraso. With a very complicated course, with numerous slopes and differences in height, all the 80 handbikers on the starting grid finished the race amidst the applause of the numerous spectators amazed and admired by the competitive effort.

First to cross the finish line was Martino Pini (MH3), of GSC Giambenini, followed by Christian Giagnoni (MH4) of Active Team La Leonessa in the red jersey, which holds the Fast Team title for the umpteenth time.

After the summer break, we are looking forward to the final on 26 September in Assisi.

Round 5: September 26th – Assisi

Yesterday’s stage in Assisi marked the end of the Giro d’Italia Handbike 2021. Among many emotions, joy and smiles we spent a day of fun and culture together with the athletes, who proved to be up to the competition until the end.

The final was won by the young talent Mirco Testa, who proved to be a true champion in this discipline.

We would like to thank all the participants, the organisers, the other sponsors and anyone who came just out of curiosity for letting us experience the real emotions!