11 junio 2021

How to ship orders if you decided to invest in an online shop

How to ship orders if you decided to invest in an online shop

Logistics and distribution are some of the main processes that, if led in an efficient way, allow to offer consumers the perfect shopping experience.

Customer Experience is closely linked to the promises made to customers and it means being able to respond correctly, efficiently and on time to their expectations. Monitoring the logistic-distribution process and devising a plan to manage unforeseen events to keep the consumer informed in real time is a choice that companies which decided to invest in eCommerce have necessary to consider.

For these reasons, it is important for a company that decides to invest money in its online shop to find the best shipping solutions to expand its business and better serve its customers. Each company has different needs that must necessarily be adapted to the type of market segment it serves and, for this reason, it will have to adopt ad hoc strategies to succeed in building customer loyalty during all phases of the purchasing process.

Whether the company wants to ship domestically or send goods to customers in other international markets, its needs will change when it comes to choosing a solution for shipping or storing goods.  

The first step that a company selling online needs to take into account is the physical preparation of the order. This phase is designed to speed up the handling of goods to be shipped to their customers. Order processing refers in particular to the picking and packing of the goods to be shipped, thanks also to automation and IT systems dedicated to the warehouse logistics phase, to make the process as efficient as possible right from the first steps.

Once the order leaves the warehouse and enters the distribution phase, the second step is to use specific software to facilitate the optimal success of the shipment to the consumer. Keeping the various shipments statuses under control and having dedicated professionals who take care of them, including through an algorithm for choosing the best distributor, is of primary importance. The use of such an algorithm therefore allows companies to free themselves from the operational management of the distribution flow without necessarily having to change their contracts with their chosen distribution partners. All this must be supported by a dedicated Customer Service team, which proactively manages the various critical issues using the data it receives from the algorithm; only in this way the technology, together with the human component and experience in the sector, will be able to develop its full potential.

And if you don’t yet have a secure warehouse to store your goods in, the support of a dedicated logistics partner is essential. You can set up and run a logistics project tailored to your needs, to have a foothold and to expand your online sales across Europe.

These are just some of the needs of the online market, which nowadays is evolving at a rapid pace and developing in a complex way. We know there are many questions, but we are ready to be the partner for all those companies that believe in online and have chosen to invest in it!