23 diciembre 2020

Presentation of the novel «I’m on your side»

Presentation of the novel «I’m on your side»

San Marino Mail and the courage to start again at 50 years of age

«I had very clear ideas: it was necessary to set up a company whose exclusive objective […] was to be on the side of our customers who would need to export or even just market their products in Italy.»

It is 2001 in the Milan home of Giovanni Papagno: it is the high point of the history of San Marino Mail Italia, recounted in the novel «Io sto dalla vostra parte», the eleventh book in the Rubbettino publisher’s series entitled «La bellezza dell’impresa». Thanks to the pen of Adriano Moraglio, it tells how it is possible to become an entrepreneur at any time in one’s life: all it takes is an idea seasoned with passion and shared with good companions.

And then the rest comes by itself, because doing business is beautiful.

Live interview: Giovanni Papagno talks with Adriano Moraglio

“[…] Una profonda gratitudine per le cose condivise, i sacrifici fatti, i sogni coltivati, il coraggio e il buon senso messi insieme per arrivare dove siamo arrivati.
E quanto ce ne occorrerà ancora – di tutto questo – per compiere altri passi.”

(G. Papagno, “Io sto dalla vostra parte”)