Br@nded Notification

Br@nded Notification

Communicating with your brand

The Br@nded Notification service allows you to communicate, using your brand identity, every change to the shipment status, by sending personalised emails to your customers. This information is automatically read by our IT infrastructure, which then sends the notifications.

With the help of this innovative service, you can keep your customers up to date throughout the whole shipping and delivery process, ensuring the customer experience measures up to the quality expected of your brand.

We create unique layouts for each company, thereby helping you maintain your relationship with your customer.

Thanks to the sending of constant updates regarding the shipping, we anticipate the requests of your recipient, thus reducing the intervention of the customer service for assistance requests.

Added values:

  • Your Brand Identity
  • Language of the country the shipment is delivered to
  • Notification of status change

Customized tracking page

  • We manage your entire tracking page
  • We select the status you wish to display
  • We standardise your customer experience
  • We communicate status changes to the customer